Thursday, 22 November 2012

Death Of Ajmal Kasab

Hi friends,

21st Nov 20012 has become a memorable day our country as the person who is living on the price of our money and the life is hanged on Wednesday morning at 7:30.

Mr. Kasab who has been arrested for the terrorist attacks for 26/11 in Mumbai.In this attack total 166 persons has died in which one of them was my friend. He was the only person who been arrested among the 10 terrorist who have made the hole in our country  and made a black day of the history of the country and also of my life.

He was kept in the jail for 4 years.As the kasab has been dead but he has left many question behind his death.He was hanged in the "yarverda jail" which is in the pune, Nobody comes to claim his body so it was been buried in the jail itself.

As kasab has tried for many times to get free at last he made the application on 5th nov to forgive him for what he have done. But it was been rejected. and at last he curriculum was declare for his death on 8th of nov that he is going to be hang on 21st of nov.

The words that he said to the jailer was:: "Allah kasam asi galti dobara nahi hogi. allaha muje maf kare".

The last wish that he had made was: "Is that my family has been informed about my death." Such a poor guy but no one from his family come to get his body and meet him for the last time.

Aj 4 sal ke bade us admi ko saja hui jis ne hamere desh ke 166 logo ko mara magar kya us ki fasi hamere logo ko vapas la sakti,

kya us maa ko apne beta se milva sakti hai jis ke beta ko in logo me mar diya,

Bas ek sawal or "Kya 4 sale me yahi fasla le paya hum loge"


VINEET SINGH Malik said...

very good

VINEET SINGH Malik said...

Question ishka jawab hamere dumb Govt. nhi de sakti

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