Thursday, 8 November 2012

Police Vs Mango Peson(am janta )

Hi Friends,

I am back with some more problems of our country,
Today we talk about the behaviour of the Police for the "amm janta" the mango people,Police is for the people to sucure them,but we all fear of them only. "Vo kahete hai na ki police valo ki to na dosti acchi na dusmani".
But why this happen if same thing small happens to us we never go to the police to help us out.
if a person dieying in front of but we hassitate to help them as we fear of the police,bas ye bool kar rehe jate hai ki "yaar is police ki lafade me nahi fasna,police to apne ko hi paresan kae gi"

I just to ask one thing police are made to help the people but every person is a fear of the police,no one wants to go to police if he/she is in problem.
police is also try to maintain the terror of him.they think that they are the police now they can do whatever they like.

They take the " hafta" from the "thele vale" for placing there shopes on the street and if any one refuces they make them for terror that they start giving him money or left there shop from there.


In my last post "" i also let your eyes on the dual nature of the police for boys and girls,why this is in our country.
Police is to protect us but we fear them of the most.

This is the start i will make your eyes more in this.
Get you soon with more on this.

Have a great day


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