Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I Clean India

Hi Friends,

I have started this Blog to bring your eyes on the problems which our country is facing from some time,we all knows about the problems but the solution will come from our side.

Every time we read the newspaper and see all the news which tells about the persons and there work they have done.We always know who is right and who  wrong, but we never do anything we just say that "Hame kya karna"

Is this is the same India "Jis ka Sapna Hamare Logo ne dekha tha".

I have not started this blog just bringing your attention to our daily problem but to make you people to over come through this problem as no one is coning to help us out.

But If we want to change our country we have to do some thing for our self and for our upcoming generation.

We will meet you tomorrow with some more..........

Thanks Friends.
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